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What is in their bags?

Whether it is a rally, a conference or an important meeting - our beloved politicians are always on the go! We put our heads together and this is our ...

RickAir by ixigo

ixigo launches RickAir

For the last seven years, it has been ixigo's mission to solve pain areas of Indian travellers. We've got requests from thousands of ixigoers to make ...


Holi Celebrations @ ixigo!

This Holi, ixigems were in for a pleasant surprise. At lunch when we walked out to get some nourishment after what was proving to be a gruelling day, ...


Travellers Decoded- Trying to under...

This year, the beaches have out run the previous favourites, mountains. Mashobra and Dubai are now neck to neck. Now, there are going to be more sick ...

What is in their bags?

Whether it is a rally, a conference or an important meeting – our beloved politicians are always on the go! We put our heads together and this is our guess!

1. Rahul Gandhi’s bag is one with the maximum diversity out of the three. It could be overflowing with his literature on Women Empowerment, his Cambridge degree, white kurtas, sports shoes and his signature Nehru jackets. We have heard people say he has a diary on how to avoid a certain person demanding answers for the nation, but this story remains unconfirmed. He also likes to carry of tuck of Parle G and chocolates to munch on – but that one too, is probably hard to verify.

2. Narendra Modi could carry a dibiya of the country’s khoon, paseena and mitti. We also feel it won’t be unlikely to spot a copy of The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith. A lotus brooch, rimless spectacles, a beige shawl and a couple of kurta dhoti sets complete the suitcase for this leader who likes to travel light! Rumour is doing the rounds that a distraught Modi is also carrying around certain visa rejection letters, but the same stay unconfirmed.

3. Arvind Kejriwal and his fear of the winter is known world over. His bag is stuffed full of half sweaters, mufflers, cap, cold syrups and other material for winter combat. A source who doesn’t want his identity to be revealed also confirms that Arvind Kejriwal likes to carry RTI forms along with a magical broomstick wherever he goes.

We also believe that the NaMo and Kejri are also carrying our super cool Varanasi Survival Guide ! In case you spot them with one, do share images and comments with us below!

ixigo launches RickAir

For the last seven years, it has been ixigo’s mission to solve pain areas of Indian travellers. We’ve got requests from thousands of ixigoers to make intra-city commuting simpler, more comfortable and more predictable just the way we do it for inter-city travel, so we’ve been working on this problem for a while.

We feel proud to be announcing our boldest initiative to date – “RickAir“, premium auto-rickshaws that will reinvent the future of urban commuting. This executive class service allows urban travel in comfort and style, and promises to make every ride a memorable one.

Launching shortly in Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata & Chennai, RickAir is all set to upgrade your auto-rickshaw experience with its team of committed “auto-pilots”. See the sneak preview for yourself :

Early Bird Offer: Book a free RickAir ride

Jokes apart, have you signed up for your free ride?

We hope you liked this little April Fools Prank we pulled! That smile on your face was well worth the blood and sweat we poured into ideating and executing this little video. We were on our toes right from the conceptualization of what an executive class auto rickshaw should look like, to finding our “Auto Pilot” and “Passenger” – but at the end, your cheers and love made it all worthwhile!

We hope you’re looking forward to what’s up our sleeve next! Do keep showing us the love!

Just hit the g+1, Like and Tweet buttons on the left and we’ll automatically sign you up for the free ride.


  1. Why RickAir premium auto-rickshaws ?

    Auto-rickshaws are fun ! They are breezy, they are easy to manoeuvre, they are colourful, and they are light on the pocket. We felt there is a real demand from a huge market segment that lies between the 10 Rs. per Km of a normal auto  and 20 Rs. per Km of an A/c Indica. Why sacrifice the open, breezy auto-rickshaw experience for a claustrophobic artificially cooled vehicle ? Can’t the aam aadmi of the country afford a more luxurious way of going to work ?
  2. What’s the RickAir executive class premium experience all about ?

    Well, for starters, it’s safer. We screen our “Auto Pilots” very carefully. All our Auto Pilots have over 5,000 hours of auto-rickshaw simulator training, including compulsory modules like Deadly Dharavi, Chandni Chowk Chase, High on the Highway, Andhere mein Andheri, Yanna Rascala Chennaiya and 10,000+ hours of real auto-rickshaw driving experience. We run breathalyzer tests on all Auto Pilots and have tobacco / gutka detectors installed inside all RickAirs. We also use the latest state-of-the-art engines from Bajaoeing that not only have lower emissions but make lesser noise and make you feel like you are gliding in the air.  Our check-ins are extremely fast and simple – just talk, get boarding pass and hop in with luggage. We provide several amenities on board including safety instructions, cushions, snacks and beverages, reading lights, newspapers and magazines and of course our award-winning in-Rick entertainment screens with your favourite saas-bahu shows, comedy nights and cricket.  All RickAirs are equipped with large air bags on the sides of the passenger seats, also known as windows. As soon as an accident is approaching, the seats will launch the passengers into the safety cushion of the air surrounding them. We track all RickAirs 24×7 so we always know where you are going and what you are upto, hence making you feel safer.

  3. It must be expensive ?

    For starters, it’s free for a while. So you can easily sample a free ride over the next few days. We go strictly by meter, so when we charge, it will be only 20 paise to 25 paise per Km. more expensive than the regular autos who don’t go by meter. We charge this only to make you feel that this is a better option, otherwise there is absolutely no need to charge extra since when you haggle with auto-rickshaws you end up paying more anyway.

  4. Do you have female auto pilots ?

    Our company and our auto pilots do not believe in any sexual discrimination, and hence we refuse to divulge details of their gender, caste, race etc.

  5. Is it true that your RickAirs can dodge potholes ?

    We have the AAP-PAGAL proprietary patent-pending technology that does Automated Accident Prevention and Pothole Avoidance , Guidance through Automotive Laser - it uses laser sensors and control systems to guide the vehicle safely. We can also dodge bullets but don’t try it at home.

  6. I run an incubator. Will you be part of our next batch?

    This is not internet or mobile tech. We aren’t really looking for a desk in a shared office or free lunch and coffee. In fact our business doesn’t need desks. If your incubator has lots of space (roads!) for training and practice purposes and if your mentors include people who have built large businesses on the ground involving real moving parts and people, we might be a good fit !

  7. I want to invest in your company (or strategically partner with your business)

    Please create a 10 slide presentation with your team, your investment thesis, your competition, your ideas to scale our business, your network of people in our industry, your assessment of our competition,  how much money you are willing to put in and ideas on how you’ll exit this investment and send these to ideas@ixigo.com



Holi Celebrations @ ixigo!

This Holi, ixigems were in for a pleasant surprise. At lunch when we walked out to get some nourishment after what was proving to be a gruelling day, the happy clangs of a huge kadhai!

The Matar Kulcha waale Bhaiya was set, and so was the stage for Paan and Thandai!

The smile on these happy faces got bigger when we saw this:

No, it’s not about the dude in the black shirt, it’s the betel leaves we were excited about! And then came this:

Just as we were rolling in with a happy tummy, this started:

And was followed by this:

And so a colourful day came to an end!

Travellers Decoded- Trying to understand the Wanderlust psyche!

This year, the beaches have out run the previous favourites, mountains. Mashobra and Dubai are now neck to neck. Now, there are going to be more sick leaves at work than long vacation holidays. Confused?

To understand what goes on in a traveller’s mind, ixigo conducted a one of it’s kind survey with travellers called Coffee with ixigo. Over 1.5 lakh travellers were asked to share their travel experiences and we would have never thought the kind of surprise that was waiting for us when the survey closed! Here, we share with you some of the most interesting survey findings!


Out of the whole lot of respondents, 33% travellers said that they now crave beach holidays, outrunning the Mountains (19%) which were the reigning favourites for most until last year. Interestingly, the number of people who are travelling to popular destinations like Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore abroad, is equal to people who are looking to go the offbeat way in India, to places like Mashobra, Khajjiar, Orchcha and Malana both standing at 21%.

The Travel Agent dependency is a thing of the past, as over 79% respondents said that they now plan their holidays online, all by themselves! What’s even more exciting, 51% travellers are now comfortable planning their trip using smartphone apps, and also use their devices to book my flights and Trains, find nearby locations for sightseeing, destination guides and more.

The highlight of the survey, however, was the finding that over 28% travellers use ixigo for their travelling needs, higher by a significant margin from other travel brands! Business Standard did a sweet piece for these findings, do take a look!

What Women Want! A survey by ixigo and Lemon Tree.

In celebration of Women’s Day, ixigo and Lemon Tree Hotels got together to understand what lady travellers want, and how they like to stay when travelling. We saw an overwhelming response, and some mind blowing insights. Here we share some of the most interesting observations with you.

Out of over 500 women who participated in the survey, close to 26% women have started travelling with their female friends to have some girl fun. What’s more, with the smart phone invasion, 56% ladies plan their trips on their mobile devices, and find out places to explore and see when vacationing. Another interesting aspect of the survey findings was that most women now take about 4 to 6 holidays in the year, once again proving how the traditional concept of 1 to 2 vacations in a year is now history.

When it comes to hotel choices, the survey gave away some fascinating insights. Who would have imagined that over 41% women would choose 24 hour room service over a hotel’s brand name and cost? Apart from that, 76% women make their final hotel choices based on online reviews and over 43% like to make and manage their hotel bookings online. Furthermore, 34% women said that they prefer being served by a lady hostess in the matters of their housekeeping and room service when travelling alone!

For more exciting findings, and to know what Saurabh, our Vice President, Marketing had to say about the survey findings, check out our feature in the Times of India!

Dissecting the Flight Sale!

With the aggressive online campaigns advertising a massive 75% off airfares earlier this week, travellers across the country were itching to book their summer vacation flights. The fire was started by SpiceJet, with other providers such as GoAir, JetLite/Jet Konnect as well as Indigo quickly following suit.

The Report Card on the discounts offered is now out, and here’s what it looks like:

Comparitive Analysis of Maximum Discount Percents in various Months, across routes.

Comparative Analysis of Maximum Discount Percents in various Months, across routes.

When the airlines said that only a limited number of seats were on sale, well, they meant it. While Spicejet had the lowest fares across most sectors till the first half of 25th, other providers quickly latched on, but it turns out what was provided later by the others, was not the cheapest of them all.

Another observation was that though the sale fares were actually available till June, average lowest-fares dipped the most for April followed by June, and least for May, possibly because May would see the high-season rush anyways and wouldn’t need as much advance purchase for filling seats.

Here is what the fares looked like:

I_WP_05The popular Bangalore-Delhi sector registered the biggest dip in fares of up to 30% for flights in the month of April (Rs. 4585 vs. Rs. 6582). For sectors like Bombay-Hyderabad the reduction was even below 10% for most searches.

The low fares did create quite a stir in the otherwise lean-season, which sees few bookings every year. We registered a 100% increase in searches and 70% increase in redirects (potential bookings) during these 3 days, in comparison to the week before.

That could well be understood as one of the reasons for announcing the sale and marketing it this way, but it also looks like the existing airline providers have started conditioning the consumer to the benefits of pre- planning and booking flights well in advance. Is this courtesy Air Asia’s foray into the Indian markets later this year? That remains to be seen.

Until next time, adiós and happy travelling!

Work of fiction

Not a usual story this one. A camaraderie on the la foule of the sets on work here, will show you that an ixiperson in ze ixioffice mixigoing through life and work is quite a merry-go-round affair. Here’s how..

The alter ego at ixigo.

Suddenly everything appears heightened, colourful and an opera to work.

This is no ordinary staircase.

Quite clearly, it looks like the sets of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

3 step formula to entry. Step 1 – Straight face, ruffled hair and a brisk walk after the romantic journey all the way to work. Read – potbellies staring like FBI officers on metro rides, rickshaw-walas flying thinking they are driving F1s, and some dogs greeting you with the looks of a forlorn lover downstairs.

Step 2 – Look down, narrow the gaze. Punch in. Done.

Step 3 – Glee. This feels like the access to a PSLV and the reassurance of looking and feeling important is restored. Now we shall give our sunshine smiles, like Amelie to everyone. Gender irrespective.

The walk to the workstation involves the thrills of speed. Very Fast and Furious.

To the zone of action – a la The Bourne Supremacy. And quite a romantic version at that.

If you look at the space the way these flowers see it, you’re home again.


A little tilt.

Yes. Affirmative.

Spring out of your seat for a quiet, contemplative walk to the far end for some supplies. The walk back bears a solid picture. Softboard details speak of it. P.S. – You’ve got mail!

The blockbuster in our collection.


Here we are. The other side.

It’s all about the grey matter here. That and well, this..

Choose between Michael Corleone and Vito Corleone.

Jai Ho Godfather!

Our own version of Limitless.

Say hello to some Apples here. Munch and chew on some of nature’s version on the way.

This is how we bowl our roll at lunch hour at the twins – El-dorado and El-doraek.

Disclaimer: This is a mantra purely, solely and only for the mind. On beans, bags and banter.

So what’s your game plan today mate?

To play table tennis, like its lawn tennis!

That’s our drive.

Aah, the sweet pleasures of a game well played. Simply incomparable.

On regular work days, you know a discussion in any of these rooms is where the future lies. So revv up the pace, think back and forth. And, Run Lola Run! To…

Asoka -

Arena -

Utopia -

Shangri – La -

Micro fashion in place, the everyday trail through these interiors, sure establishes them as ixigems in their own right. The rest, well, simply, ‘Shine on!’

- Pictures and text by Benazir Khan.

Inexpensive Valentines Day

Struggling to manage your finances this Valentines Day? No problemo! Here’s the ultimate guide to having a ‘priceless’ Valentines Day, at prices that will make your wallet smile, without compromising on that of your loved one! Read on to find out how to celebrate the February 14 in an affordable way!

New Delhi


If you believe that Delhi is one of the places where it’s impossible to please someone without shelling out the moolah, you’re in for a huge surprise! Here’s the guide to how to celebrate an inexpensive Valentines Day in Delhi!



Photo Credits: Marine Drive by Vibhabamba

Give her the only thing in life you can’t get back: time. When you celebrate Valentines Day in Mumbai, find love and happiness in the simple things in life. Spoil her with your attention and affection on these Valentines Dates in Mumbai and make the day one of the happiest ones of her life!



Photo by Nvvchar

Some experiences in life cannot be bought with money. This Valentines Day, celebrate the love, revel in the scenic beauty of your city and spend some time exploring the unknown, without putting any stress on your wallet! Here’s how to celebrate Valentines Day in Bangalore!

Now that the list of things to do on Valentines Day is taken care of, and your budgets are well managed, get ready to woo your loved one! Have fun!

Celebrate Valentines Day in India

It’s that time of the year again! While love’s in the air, you’ve been fretting on where to pamper your loved one for the special dinner date. We understand the joys and pains of being in love, so here’s a list to help you pick the perfect place for your candlelit dinner, this day of love. Read on to find the best places to Celebrate Valentines Day in India:

New Delhi

Photo Courtesy: Official Facebook Page, Sevilla Claridges

Winter is just starting to wane, and the weather makes for the perfect setting for some outdoor restaurant dining with twinkling lights. If this gets your mind racing with options to pick from, find out the best places for your Valentines Day celebration in Delhi.



Photo Credit: Official Facebook Page, Olive Bar and Kitchen


When you’re celebrating Valentines Day in Mumbai, get ready for understated elegance and an intimate ambiance! The venues are set, the food is delectable and the bubbly is getting chilled. Now, you just need to decide, where do you want to head for your Valentines Dinner in Mumbai!


Photo Credit: Official Website, JW Marriott Pune

Move up a notch from the chocolates and the roses and pamper your loved one to a dinner at one of these exclusive places! No need to worry, we’ve already made a list of the best places to celebrate Valentines Day in Pune.



Photo Credits: Official Website, Our Place



The expression of love from Nawabs has been the stuff of legends for ages! Not being a nawaab is no reason to avoid treating your Valentine as a princess, so here is a list of the most romantic restaurants in Hyderabad for you and her majesty!



Photo Credits: Official Website, Taj West End


Bangalore’s variety can be both pleasing and confounding when it comes to Valentines Day dates. If you are one of the lazy bums who leave planning details to the last minute, take a quick look at our Valentine’s Dinner in Bangalore picks to get suggestions at a click!

Armed with these options, you’re all set to woo your loved one with super special treatment this Valentines Day! In case you’re struggling with what to gift and how to plan a unique date this Valentines, just read for some mighty good suggestions!

India offers visa-on-arrival to 180 countries. Tourism industry rejoices.

Taking another step forward to make India more alluring to foreign tourists, Indian government has announced visa-on-arrival facility to 180 countries, upping the number from just 11! The eight countries that have been kept out from the loop are Pakistan, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Somalia. 

With liberalisation of visa process in mind, the announcement couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Year 2012 saw 6.57 million foreign tourists coming to India, an increase of 4.5% compared to 2011. While the figures for 2013 are yet to to see an exact number, this new initiative has set the tone right for the current year.

Apart from the visa-on-arrival facility, Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) will also allow foreign tourists to apply for a visa online. What has come across as a happy surprise is the fact that ETA has put just five working days for the online confirmation. The government has also announced to put the required infrastructure in place in 5-6 months, aiming for an October implementation of the said announcements. A website would be set up for the same, and once live, foreign nationals can apply for an online version of their visa via ETA.


Visa-on-arrival will be initially available at nine airports, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad, Goa and Trivandrum. While this new move is hailed by the whole of tourism industry, here’s hoping that it’s extended to more countries to put India as a major force on the global tourism map.

Ready to adorn your passport with India’s stamp?