ixigo introduces ixibaba, the smart travel bot.

Today we announce one small step for ixigo.com and one giant leap for travel search.

Far too many of us know how difficult it is to plan your travel. Whether it’s your honeymoon, a  vacation with friends or just a weekend getaway, the number of decisions are endless. To top that, lack of information makes it worse. We need to put so much work into finding answers,that too for our own travel!

What is the cheapest flight? What is the weather like at the destination? Are there entrance fees for that monument you wish to visit? How much would a road trip cost? Is it better to fly? We haven’t even booked yet and see how many questions pop up? Wouldn’t it be easier to get your answers in one go?

That’s why we are immensely pleased to introduce ixibaba. He would introduce himself as, “Travel Gyaani. He of House ixigem. Rightful heir to the travel throne. Advisor to the 7 products of the ixigoes, the meta-searchers and the first digital travellers. Seer of travel bytes, the unbiased and the breaker of boredom”. . Yes baba watches TV too, when he’s not meditating that is!


SO, what is ixibaba?

ixibaba is your smart travel digital assistant. He is a travel bot that is designed to answer your travel queries. He is available on the web at www.ixigo.com/ixibaba and can be opened on your mobile browsers at the same URL. Since now  Facebook messenger platform is a hot thing and baba’s hot too, he appears there as well. All you have to do is to scan this code with your messenger to find him.


How can you use ixibaba?

ixibaba appears in two places. Your browsers (web and mobile) and Facebook messenger. To activate baba’s gyaan mode, all you have to do is go to this URL or go to facebook messenger; add ixibaba as a friend or scan that code above.

What does ixibaba show?

ixibaba’s got a lot of your travel queries addressed. He currently provides in 8 categories.

  • Flights (and their status)
  • Hotels, A to B (Trains/Buses/Cabs)
  • Places to visit
  • Weather
  • Best time to visit
  • Entry fees and Packages

Here are some queries for you to get started

  • Weather in kuwait
  • Weather in goa/place you want to go?
  • Things to do in kuwait
  • Timing of the location
  • Entry fees of the location
  • Hotels in that location

Here are some ways of asking a little more complicated queries

  • oyo hotels in delhi above 2k below 5k
  • show me oyo hotels under 2k in gurgaon
  • find me routes from delhi to mumbai and also find me hotels there
  • find me hotels for shimla and packages for shimla
  • What can I do at nights in Gurgaon?
  • Suggest me some summer destinations
  • No show me some offbeat places
  • Where can I go for my honeymoon
  • Cheapest indigo flight to goa tomorrow

Go on, we’ll wait, tell us what you think.

How is ixibaba different from others?

Well for one that hair man.. Ever seen a Baba so happy? For a serious answer though, he’s different in two ways.

He’s contextual in his search. Meaning if you search for a hotel stay in Delhi and then found places to visit “there”. He remembers the “there” is Delhi.

The second way is that he’s got the capability to handle pretty complex queries in your chat. Try typing, “Find me Oyo hotel rooms with wifi in Delhi  between 2k and 5k” in other search engines and you’ll get a generic page listing of hotels in Bangalore or hotels with a certain price tag but you don’t want generalizations, you want specific queries.

This is what Baba shows for that query.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 2.33.22 PM


Baba believes in the concept of Kaizen. Which is continual improvement. Over time, as he grows wiser and meditates longer, you’ll have more refined queries to tackle. Enough talking, go out seek wisdom for yourself from Baba. We can’t wait to know what you think.

Get to know ixibaba here: www.ixigo.com/ixibaba

– Your friends from ixigo