About ixibook

What is ixibook?

ixigo introduces “ixibook”. No longer will you need to redirect to a partner website for booking your tickets. ixibook enables booking on the ixigo travel app itself. All you need to do is add traveller information just once, saving you time in all subsequent transactions. Also, when you use ixibook, your payment will take place through Cleartrip.




How do I add a traveller?

As a user of the ixigo travel app we will automatically add you as a traveller on your account. If you wish to add other travellers or make any edits in your existing information you can do this in two ways:


— Select ixibook option from the main menu and then add a traveller manually.




— Choose to book through ixibook on the flight search page. A prompt will take you to your traveller list. You can add a new traveller there.




What are the steps for using ixibook?


Open the ixigo travel app & search for a flight

Look for the “ixibook” option and click on it

Select traveller(s) from list of travellers

Proceed to make payment

You have successfully booked your ticket


Wasn’t that simple? What’s more, you can also cancel your booking with just a few simple clicks.


So what are you waiting for?


ixibook it!