Weekly Travel Updates

Here’s an overview of all the latest news in the travel and tourism sector in the past week (30 June to 4 July 2014).

India to work on measures to boost international arrivals

India’s Minister of State for Culture and Tourism, Shri Shripad Yesso Naik, announced recently that several factors have been observed that could boost the tourism growth of the country. Although there is a marked 5.9% growth in the tourism industry since 2013, he also revealed some important observations that are still deterrents in the path of its further growth.

These factors include–more accessible air travel, a further developed tourism infrastructure among others. He also cited a number of measures that are being worked upon to boost the tourism sector. These include work on cleanliness and hygiene in tourism sites, development of the emerging low-cost aviation concept, expansion of the visa-on-arrival project, etc.

Air India ties up with Travelport Display Solution


Air India


Air India has recently tied up with Travelport Display Solution.Travelport provides a graphic display programme that presents how ancillaries and fares of the particular airline are displayed to travel agents. This is also part of Travelport’s Rich Content and Branding Technology. Air India is the 50th airline to sign up for this service.

India to better measures of safety for women travellers

New measures have been launched to facilitate state governments to provide a safe environment for foreign women travellers visiting the country. These include – Tourist Facility and Security Organisations (TFSO) – for the states of Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan.

There is another measure–Code of Conduct for Safe and Honourable Tourism, which underlines guidelines for tour operators highlighting the significance of a tourists’ safety and security. These measures have been taken up as part of a larger goal to curb the fall in the percentage of foreign travellers in the country owing to a number of attacks against women travellers to the country in the past.

India to help Nepal realise its tourism potential



On his latest visit to Nepal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ensured complete infrastructural support for Nepal. He cited the friendly relations that the countries have shared since a long time being the reason. He said that the Spiritual and Adventure Holiday segment to Nepal could be worked upon to further enhance Nepal’s visibility as a tourist hotspot. Besides this, he also suggested a HIT formula to go about further infrastructural developments. The HIT formula includes–H – Highways, I – Information highways, T – Transways.