What is in their bags?

Whether it is a rally, a conference or an important meeting – our beloved politicians are always on the go! We put our heads together and this is our guess!

1. Rahul Gandhi’s bag is one with the maximum diversity out of the three. It could be overflowing with his literature on Women Empowerment, his Cambridge degree, white kurtas, sports shoes and his signature Nehru jackets. We have heard people say he has a diary on how to avoid a certain person demanding answers for the nation, but this story remains unconfirmed. He also likes to carry of tuck of Parle G and chocolates to munch on – but that one too, is probably hard to verify.

2. Narendra Modi could carry a dibiya of the country’s khoon, paseena and mitti. We also feel it won’t be unlikely to spot a copy of The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith. A lotus brooch, rimless spectacles, a beige shawl and a couple of kurta dhoti sets complete the suitcase for this leader who likes to travel light! Rumour is doing the rounds that a distraught Modi is also carrying around certain visa rejection letters, but the same stay unconfirmed.

3. Arvind Kejriwal and his fear of the winter is known world over. His bag is stuffed full of half sweaters, mufflers, cap, cold syrups and other material for winter combat. A source who doesn’t want his identity to be revealed also confirms that Arvind Kejriwal likes to carry RTI forms along with a magical broomstick wherever he goes.

We also believe that the NaMo and Kejri are also carrying our super cool Varanasi Survival Guide ! In case you spot them with one, do share images and comments with us below!