ixigo launches RickAir

For the last seven years, it has been ixigo’s mission to solve pain areas of Indian travellers. We’ve got requests from thousands of ixigoers to make intra-city commuting simpler, more comfortable and more predictable just the way we do it for inter-city travel, so we’ve been working on this problem for a while.

We feel proud to be announcing our boldest initiative to date – “RickAir“, premium auto-rickshaws that will reinvent the future of urban commuting. This executive class service allows urban travel in comfort and style, and promises to make every ride a memorable one.

Launching shortly in Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata & Chennai, RickAir is all set to upgrade your auto-rickshaw experience with its team of committed “auto-pilots”. See the sneak preview for yourself :

Early Bird Offer: Book a free RickAir ride

Jokes apart, have you signed up for your free ride?

We hope you liked this little April Fools Prank we pulled! That smile on your face was well worth the blood and sweat we poured into ideating and executing this little video. We were on our toes right from the conceptualization of what an executive class auto rickshaw should look like, to finding our “Auto Pilot” and “Passenger” – but at the end, your cheers and love made it all worthwhile!

We hope you’re looking forward to what’s up our sleeve next! Do keep showing us the love!

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  1. Why RickAir premium auto-rickshaws ?

    Auto-rickshaws are fun ! They are breezy, they are easy to manoeuvre, they are colourful, and they are light on the pocket. We felt there is a real demand from a huge market segment that lies between the 10 Rs. per Km of a normal auto  and 20 Rs. per Km of an A/c Indica. Why sacrifice the open, breezy auto-rickshaw experience for a claustrophobic artificially cooled vehicle ? Can’t the aam aadmi of the country afford a more luxurious way of going to work ?
  2. What’s the RickAir executive class premium experience all about ?

    Well, for starters, it’s safer. We screen our “Auto Pilots” very carefully. All our Auto Pilots have over 5,000 hours of auto-rickshaw simulator training, including compulsory modules like Deadly Dharavi, Chandni Chowk Chase, High on the Highway, Andhere mein Andheri, Yanna Rascala Chennaiya and 10,000+ hours of real auto-rickshaw driving experience. We run breathalyzer tests on all Auto Pilots and have tobacco / gutka detectors installed inside all RickAirs. We also use the latest state-of-the-art engines from Bajaoeing that not only have lower emissions but make lesser noise and make you feel like you are gliding in the air.  Our check-ins are extremely fast and simple – just talk, get boarding pass and hop in with luggage. We provide several amenities on board including safety instructions, cushions, snacks and beverages, reading lights, newspapers and magazines and of course our award-winning in-Rick entertainment screens with your favourite saas-bahu shows, comedy nights and cricket.  All RickAirs are equipped with large air bags on the sides of the passenger seats, also known as windows. As soon as an accident is approaching, the seats will launch the passengers into the safety cushion of the air surrounding them. We track all RickAirs 24×7 so we always know where you are going and what you are upto, hence making you feel safer.

  3. It must be expensive ?

    For starters, it’s free for a while. So you can easily sample a free ride over the next few days. We go strictly by meter, so when we charge, it will be only 20 paise to 25 paise per Km. more expensive than the regular autos who don’t go by meter. We charge this only to make you feel that this is a better option, otherwise there is absolutely no need to charge extra since when you haggle with auto-rickshaws you end up paying more anyway.

  4. Do you have female auto pilots ?

    Our company and our auto pilots do not believe in any sexual discrimination, and hence we refuse to divulge details of their gender, caste, race etc.

  5. Is it true that your RickAirs can dodge potholes ?

    We have the AAP-PAGAL proprietary patent-pending technology that does Automated Accident Prevention and Pothole Avoidance , Guidance through Automotive Laser – it uses laser sensors and control systems to guide the vehicle safely. We can also dodge bullets but don’t try it at home.

  6. I run an incubator. Will you be part of our next batch?

    This is not internet or mobile tech. We aren’t really looking for a desk in a shared office or free lunch and coffee. In fact our business doesn’t need desks. If your incubator has lots of space (roads!) for training and practice purposes and if your mentors include people who have built large businesses on the ground involving real moving parts and people, we might be a good fit !

  7. I want to invest in your company (or strategically partner with your business)

    Please create a 10 slide presentation with your team, your investment thesis, your competition, your ideas to scale our business, your network of people in our industry, your assessment of our competition,  how much money you are willing to put in and ideas on how you’ll exit this investment and send these to ideas@ixigo.com