What Women Want! A survey by ixigo and Lemon Tree.

In celebration of Women’s Day, ixigo and Lemon Tree Hotels got together to understand what lady travellers want, and how they like to stay when travelling. We saw an overwhelming response, and some mind blowing insights. Here we share some of the most interesting observations with you.

Out of over 500 women who participated in the survey, close to 26% women have started travelling with their female friends to have some girl fun. What’s more, with the smart phone invasion, 56% ladies plan their trips on their mobile devices, and find out places to explore and see when vacationing. Another interesting aspect of the survey findings was that most women now take about 4 to 6 holidays in the year, once again proving how the traditional concept of 1 to 2 vacations in a year is now history.

When it comes to hotel choices, the survey gave away some fascinating insights. Who would have imagined that over 41% women would choose 24 hour room service over a hotel’s brand name and cost? Apart from that, 76% women make their final hotel choices based on online reviews and over 43% like to make and manage their hotel bookings online. Furthermore, 34% women said that they prefer being served by a lady hostess in the matters of their housekeeping and room service when travelling alone!

For more exciting findings, and to know what Saurabh, our Vice President, Marketing had to say about the survey findings, check out our feature in the Times of India!