Dissecting the Flight Sale!

With the aggressive online campaigns advertising a massive 75% off airfares earlier this week, travellers across the country were itching to book their summer vacation flights. The fire was started by SpiceJet, with other providers such as GoAir, JetLite/Jet Konnect as well as Indigo quickly following suit.

The Report Card on the discounts offered is now out, and here’s what it looks like:

Comparitive Analysis of Maximum Discount Percents in various Months, across routes.

Comparative Analysis of Maximum Discount Percents in various Months, across routes.

When the airlines said that only a limited number of seats were on sale, well, they meant it. While Spicejet had the lowest fares across most sectors till the first half of 25th, other providers quickly latched on, but it turns out what was provided later by the others, was not the cheapest of them all.

Another observation was that though the sale fares were actually available till June, average lowest-fares dipped the most for April followed by June, and least for May, possibly because May would see the high-season rush anyways and wouldn’t need as much advance purchase for filling seats.

Here is what the fares looked like:

I_WP_05The popular Bangalore-Delhi sector registered the biggest dip in fares of up to 30% for flights in the month of April (Rs. 4585 vs. Rs. 6582). For sectors like Bombay-Hyderabad the reduction was even below 10% for most searches.

The low fares did create quite a stir in the otherwise lean-season, which sees few bookings every year. We registered a 100% increase in searches and 70% increase in redirects (potential bookings) during these 3 days, in comparison to the week before.

That could well be understood as one of the reasons for announcing the sale and marketing it this way, but it also looks like the existing airline providers have started conditioning the consumer to the benefits of pre- planning and booking flights well in advance. Is this courtesy Air Asia’s foray into the Indian markets later this year? That remains to be seen.

Until next time, adiós and happy travelling!