GSF ixigo 10K Run

Picture this: what happens when a sharp mind meets a sharp body? Well, the answers inevitably vary but boil down to the simple conclusion that you are already adept with the mechanism of creation and are constantly creating as your mind is on the go. Cut to the body. It’s on the go and your energies are focussed on only what lies ahead, relishing every bit of rush that the adrenaline gives you on your way. Such was the stuff and more that the GSF ixigo 10K run was about – simple ideas catapulting themselves and infusing meaning into the short phrase, “living reality.”

On your marks

An early Saturday morning didn’t merely lead to the flag off of the second month (yes, it’s that time of the year already!) of this year, but also the 5K and 10K runs respectively. People thronged at the stark white marquee rubbed against the rugged forest sand and ran. Some flew even! Believe it or not, people who arrived later weren’t demotivated at all. So satiating was the mere idea of running cradled in nature’s lap in the heart of the bustling city, that one’s complacence led one to believe that to merely run and to show gratitude to thy body was the right thing to do.

Get set

The run was a sneak peak into a pocket of the ecosystem shrouded from the commercial extremes of a very demanding city and was flagged off by AVM Rawat, a stalwart behind Sanjay Van, that lies in the Qutab Institutional Area of New Delhi. It however, also yielded to a know-how and soiree of sorts in the startup ecosystem, running parallel to the larger ecosystem, right here at this place and time at so many levels. Entrepreneurs and leading investors in the corporate circuit, who believed in innovation and doing something exhilarating, by way of contributing something truly cutting edge to the world, came together for the purpose and joy of running ahead in time in this chosen venue. All of which are extremely symbolic of their objectives and goals in the larger picture.


Sweat glands were active even for an extremely (out of the blue, from the receding cold) chilly morning, clouded with fog. The insides of Sanjay Van were cooler in comparison, for precisely the same reason that the green cover lowered the temperature even more. Call it a practical experience for a heightened realisation of nature’s ways. However, it was a place like no other in the middle of the city. Surrounded by the greens on all sides, the track was a singular path that led one on to run kilometer after kilometer. And for a very good premise – one’s health. The air was a lot fresher as one stopped by to just breathe. Breathing and just breathing could never have been more enjoyable, as every breath invaded the oft forgotten corners of your lungs.

“This is what it feels like”

However, the idea of the forested area in the midst of the city was still a baffling story in itself, as one looked around themselves for traces of the civilisation one left outside in the cold peripheries of the premises. It almost seemed like a different place for sometime, or like Delhi wasn’t Delhi, or perhaps this is a side to the city – an untouched, virgin spot that simply let you be. The show of the human stalwart gallops, as I’d like to recall it, had two polarities for horsepower – one the fast sprinters that went sweeping by, two, the ones that only thought they went sweeping by!

We love the adrenaline rush!

However, such was the spirit of the run, that amidst all the muffled noises of heavy breathing and sighing, the mere spirit of being there in person and feeling alive with a run (irrespective of the pace) became the only core that mattered in the end.

Such was the spirit

Certificates and prizes alike were in the offing, to truly commemorate everyone who made it at that early hour, right in the break of a fresh new morning, which was extremely motivating to the organisers and the participants alike. Participants received wristbands, bottles of water at varying intervals and stations during the run, a running bib and conclusively in the end a certificate of participation and some cool hip merchandise.

There were four-legged friends who ran along..

To add on to the same, there was a breakfast session, followed by photo sessions. The breakfast partner was and it was a very engaging session as investors and other participants truly got to know similar minds at work at different segments of the market at large. Winners of the race in question were Garima Sharma and Anchit Doegar.

And then there were some of our own gems

Runners who truly flew at the pace of the wind and at a velocity to reckon with, however, were a treat to watch, as symbols of an unstoppable force in themselves. The ones who were at it at a relatively slower pace were only in turn motivated by several of them leapers, who yelled affectionately, “Run, run, you can do it,” or “run it till you make it,” or the more suggestive “run the distance.” The joy of a run like that on a typical wintry morning only got heightened with these jewels for a verbose in the midst of a run.

I’m proud I ran and it’s a great day to start something new

How lovely is the story of romance that stems from within, through deep realisations in the middle of a lush green cover in nature’s lap, about oneself, one’s body and the whole experience contributing to one’s health – mental, emotional and physical. But such is the story of entrepreneurs who were raring to go too, who thought of a different reality, braved the storm of disbelief at the same and ran ahead carrying the torch of the idea and set it to flame to create a real enterprise.

Red for passion, blue for composure, white for pure statement of purpose

This run, by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs who believed against convention and created a run for all and sundry was an encapsulation and celebration of that very idea in motion. The halt to the run by that logic at the end crease then, was simply a leap into the future, as the sense of glory and conquest rode high. In the end, I would like to leave you with a verse of a lovely country song by Eddie Vedder, which sums up this story of nature, glory and enterprise and ties these concepts into a tight bunch.

Clear-cut joyride that!

Such is the way of the world,

you can never know..

just where to put all your faith and how will it grow,

gonna rise up,

burn black holes in dark memories,

gonna rise up,

turn mistakes into gold..

Oh, lookie here!

– Written by Benazir Khan.