Work of fiction

Not a usual story this one. A camaraderie on the la foule of the sets on work here, will show you that an ixiperson in ze ixioffice mixigoing through life and work is quite a merry-go-round affair. Here’s how..

The alter ego at ixigo.

Suddenly everything appears heightened, colourful and an opera to work.

This is no ordinary staircase.

Quite clearly, it looks like the sets of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

3 step formula to entry. Step 1 – Straight face, ruffled hair and a brisk walk after the romantic journey all the way to work. Read – potbellies staring like FBI officers on metro rides, rickshaw-walas flying thinking they are driving F1s, and some dogs greeting you with the looks of a forlorn lover downstairs.

Step 2 – Look down, narrow the gaze. Punch in. Done.

Step 3 – Glee. This feels like the access to a PSLV and the reassurance of looking and feeling important is restored. Now we shall give our sunshine smiles, like Amelie to everyone. Gender irrespective.

The walk to the workstation involves the thrills of speed. Very Fast and Furious.

To the zone of action – a la The Bourne Supremacy. And quite a romantic version at that.

If you look at the space the way these flowers see it, you’re home again.


A little tilt.

Yes. Affirmative.

Spring out of your seat for a quiet, contemplative walk to the far end for some supplies. The walk back bears a solid picture. Softboard details speak of it. P.S. – You’ve got mail!

The blockbuster in our collection.


Here we are. The other side.

It’s all about the grey matter here. That and well, this..

Choose between Michael Corleone and Vito Corleone.

Jai Ho Godfather!

Our own version of Limitless.

Say hello to some Apples here. Munch and chew on some of nature’s version on the way.

This is how we bowl our roll at lunch hour at the twins – El-dorado and El-doraek.

Disclaimer: This is a mantra purely, solely and only for the mind. On beans, bags and banter.

So what’s your game plan today mate?

To play table tennis, like its lawn tennis!

That’s our drive.

Aah, the sweet pleasures of a game well played. Simply incomparable.

On regular work days, you know a discussion in any of these rooms is where the future lies. So revv up the pace, think back and forth. And, Run Lola Run! To…

Asoka –

Arena –

Utopia –

Shangri – La –

Micro fashion in place, the everyday trail through these interiors, sure establishes them as ixigems in their own right. The rest, well, simply, ‘Shine on!’

– Pictures and text by Benazir Khan.