mixigo fourth edition – when we pedalled for a change.

There are just a few things that can get you away from your pillow on a cold November morning. Sunday morning at that. So we decided to throw in a twist to get the real travellers out of their homes, and of course beds, last Sunday. Thus, we joined hands with Delhi Cyclists, Asia’s largest group of cycling enthusiasts, and INTACH, an organisation dedicated to restoration and conservation of out cultural heritage. With them, we called out to everyone and anyone who was up for some working out for a cause.

The cause being the restoration and preservation of Delhi’s monuments.

We expected a good number of enthusiasts for the mixigo Cyclothon, but what we didn’t expect was the number to reach a whopping 150, almost!

The buzz at Rashtrapati Bhavan, from where the Cyclothon was started, was more than palpable. Delhi Cyclists and the more enthusiastic ones joined the troupe at Rashtrapati Bhavan after some warm up pedaling from Green Park for a day full of action. 

Our next pit stop was at Qutub Minar, where we took a quick break and addressed the media. After a few good jokes, much bonhomie and refreshments taken, we were off again to complete the Cyclothon and reach Biodiversity Park.

While the ixigo volunteers and participants made this initiative a success, cycling enthusiast Anurag Grover walked away with much laurels. By day end, we had INR 30000 for INTACH’s initiatives via this fund raising event.

With this one, ixigo has taken another step on the path to responsible tourism and interactive travel. Stay tuned to know what’s next in line for mixigo. We are doing our bit to throw another surprise!

Till then, happy travelling.