Fireworks at ixigo – ixidiwali.

It was in the footsteps of the big, fat Indian wedding. Much more than the simple Diwali celebrations every year. A certain festive madness in the air set our minds working, for there were stalls to be set, currency (ixicurrency) to be printed, and winners to be chosen. Winners for the best stall.

Forget the wall art here, for ixigo touched a new high of ”colourful” for Diwali celebrations. It was more like drifting between some parallel worlds, with Arena (the Board Room) turning into a photo studio. Complete with all the wardrobe accessories that make a picture perfect. Weirdly perfect. 

Then, there was the famous wall. The wall of fame that was turned into another game. It had photos of the think tank of ixigo; the top shots who were to be shot that day, all in exchange of some ixicurrency. So people wondered and thought about the next one to be shot!

And then there was the room which doubled everybody’s money. Of course, by taking half of it (slyly!) It had hordes coming in, all in the hope of multiplying their ixicurrency. This, undoubtedly, was the Vegas or the Casino Capital for the day. 

And yes, there were great lures too, like the one in the picture below. It had people coming in, in a hope to win (I won that). Some music to ears that. 

All that and good food made for some real fireworks (not literally) at ixigo. 

With that, I’m signing off. Keep a tab on ixiblog to know more about Life and Work at ixigo.