mixigo Second Edition – the trans-Himalayan Travel Meet.

There’s something so fascinating about the Himalayan region that every traveller has it marked in bold, on the top of their must visit list. Perhaps, it is the lure of danger, or, a challenge within itself, or, a yearning for solitude, or maybe, a simple wish to watch the stars nearer than they have ever looked.

Photo Courtesy – debabrata

Perhaps all this and more had travellers demanding from us a special session on the Himalayan region, especially Leh and Ladakh. Owing to that ever growing demand and, of course, our love of travel, we knew what our topic for the second edition of mixigo would be.

Some more bits of research got us to the Devil. I mean the Devil on Wheels (DoW), Dheeraj Sharma. An expert traveller, he might be having (figuratively) a PhD in the Himalayas. Accompanied by Aashish Rajgaria, the chief travel mentor at DoW, and Dheeraj, we recently conducted the second edition of mixigo – the trans-Himalayan Travel Meet. While the call for guests became a rage with all the mountain lovers chiming in, the event became a hit even before it happened.


Thus, on the D Day, we had a steady trickle of travellers, seemingly eager to listen to Dheeraj and Aashish. With detailed maps and point to point information with them, the duo seemed to have learnt the very topography of the region by heart. Every question was answered with a flick of hand, while a relentless pouring of interesting, rare information about travelling in the trans-Himalayan region continued.

Information that covered even the tiniest bits, like one ought to pick pairs of cotton towel socks rather than the normal woollen ones for travelling to this region! Information like putting in vodka in place of windscreen washer fluid, lest you want it jammed because of temperature that can run several degrees below normal!

Busting the myth that you ought to be cautious only after you reach Leh/Ladakh, our guests got to know of a whole lot of pre-arrival preparations and necessary precautions. And rightly so, for this region is where you can get as close to the real version of Man Vs Wild, sans Bear Grylls.

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