ixigo trains app – 1 million downloads, and we are not stopping the counting.

Indian rail network is, perhaps, the most extensive one in the world. Millions of travellers flit across the country via trains everyday. While travelling in Indian trains is an unforgettable experience because of the rapidly changing landscapes, searching for information on trains and booking tickets is ‘unforgettable’ in the other sense of the world. Thus, we pitched in, that too, with a bang.

Photo Courtesy – Raikawar.pravin

Yes, we are talking of ixigo’s app – ixigo trains. Hailed as one of the most successful Indian apps for trains and ruling Google Play, it already has more than a million downloads to its credit! Not just the most successful, it’s the fastest app in the category as well. We developed the app in a bid to strengthen our position as the leaders of trip planning, and we couldn’t have been more right.

mobile app launch

Train travel has been never as easy as it is with this app, for you can search trains and book tickets right from your palm. Download it here to know and experience what all it can do, including –

– Search for trains between destinations by typing the name of the stations/cities/towns
– Check Train availability 6 days prior and post the desired date
– Check real-time availability for over 2500+ trains running under the Indian Railways
– Find trains with train numbers and names
– Trains running status
– Browse through routes of multiple trains to choose the most convenient option
– Receive quick PNR status updates
– Explore seat/berth maps to find convenient seats
– Get real time running status of trains
– Add trains to your Favourites to create a ready reference to plan your trip
– Redirect to IRCTC Official app for bookings

Having said that, let me scurry off to find out what else is happening at the ixilabs. Till then, happy travelling.