ixigo Ground Zero – Launch Decathon

Alright, I know that title must be reading quite geeky. But the only connection that this post has with anything geeky or nerdy is speed. Yes, for we, at ixigo, are seeing a 10 day massive effort to polish every single component of our product. When I say that it’s a 10 day plan, I’m referring to more than the 9 to 6 shifts. In fact, much more.

Decathon means you’re free to work for all the 10 days – 24×7. That means we are closing in on the target with a speed like never before. And while we are doing that, there’s been a constant supply of coffee, maggi, Italian food, and more (read beer) to keep the brain cells in swift motion.


As for our users, this translates to more apps, more and better content, used friendly UIs, improvised content on international destinations, and, of course, the much awaited ground work for the market launch. While we do not want to spill all the beans right now, there are a lot of surprises in store.

Do come back for more. For now, I must get back to work.