And madness wins!

Some months back, a group of ixigems were locked up in a meeting room. We called (jokingly of course) it the NASA Room, for this team of techies will be in there for hours, in complete silence. Headphones on, shoulders drawn, heads almost touching the computer screens. They could have entered the other world if they had gone any closer to the screen (yes, some of us really thought that).

While the rest of us tried to co-operate by playing TT in complete (almost complete) silence in the next room, these people were seen only in the lunch room or after office hours.

top app

And this is what they were doing (see picture)


Yes, yes. Did you notice the first app that’s listed right there? On the top?

That’s our product. And if you read some pride in these words, you read it correctly. This, indeed, is pride.

We’ve been on a roll since forever, and this one is yet another nudge. A hard nudge you might call it, for our Indian rail & train app rocketed to the top position on Google Play in no time (almost). Watch this space for more, for that NASA Room is still very much there.

It might be the lab for another rocket launch soon (read teaser).