mixigo – When the travellers met.

We, at ixigo, know you love travelling, and we also know that travelling is expensive. Some also call it “a rich fool’s pleasure”. But begging to differ with the phrase, we got in touch with the travellers out there and found Ansoo Gupta. A media person and ardent traveller, she joined hands with ixigo to stomp over that phrase.

This coming together has set in motion mixigo, an offline initiative by ixigo which aims to promote interactive sessions between travellers, photographers, bloggers and anybody and everybody who has got anything to do with travel.


Taking cue from the dilemma of screwed finances that almost every traveller faces, we got Ansoo Gupta on board for a travel talk on the same. Joining the event were hordes of travellers, who participated in an online survey to win entry to the event. The chosen ones were seen wearing smiles, evident ones at that, as they reached ixigo grounds for the talk.

mix 2

There was quite some buzz and, of course, food for company, while Ansoo Gupta busted many myths about travel being an expensive pursuit. Here are the quick points that the travellers were enlightened with –

  • Volunteering is the emerging trend for those looking for cheaper travelling options. Plus, a little philanthropy has never hurt anyone.
  • Membership with the likes of YMCA and hostels are the best bet for budget stay options. Add a lot of new friends as a free gift!
  • Homestays are a great way to save money while travelling, also facilitating a generous insight into the ways and life of a place.
  • If internet keeps you hooked even when you are travelling, stay at a youth hostel. The internet is, usually, free unlike cyber cafes.
  • The comparatively cheaper airlines have little online presence. Scour through wikipedia’s list of airlines for specific regions and you’ll have a treasure trove at hand.
  • There are a host of countries that you don’t need to have a visa for or offer visa on arrival to Indians. You can pick any of those wonders for your bucket list from – http://t.co/KW0hlggeTf
  • Opt out of international data roaming to avoid a heart attack bill on your return.
  • Travel like a local would do; take the interstate over a cab and you’ll save much.

The only distraction in the session was the food aroma that was wafting in the air. Of course, with so many travellers, who usually are foodies of the first order, this distraction was bound to happen. And with all the travel talk, the food talk had already crept in. In one word, no two, the dinner was “well deserved”.

mix 4

Needless to say, the first mixigo session was a welcome event in the world of travellers. We’ll be back with more from mixigo.

Till then, keep travelling.

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travellers parted with grins, ear to ear.

those smiles say it all, mixigo first edition was a huge hit.

And the welcoming welcome thought for travellers.