Life in an Indian Startup

Popular belief among professionals is that life in a startup is quiet busy with no fun, expectations are high, stress is high, deadlines are to be met strictly with long working hours.

I would like to differ on this. Life at iXiGO is bit different. Yes there are at times busy long hours with strict deadlines but that just happens in every other company and industry. On the contrary we more than compensate this by having lots of fun and outing and healthy fun loving sessions among team members. We do not follow a typical corporate culture but have cool, relaxed environment where everybody is equal when it comes to having fun.

for example we have a freaky friday concept ones a month where entire team goes out for a game of bowling alley, dinner or a movie. Every week we organize a learning session where one of the team members shares some new and interesting topic.

This week we went to Dumduma lake some 30km from gurgaon where we all had rocking time. There were adventure games like rock climbing, valley crossing, Burma bridge etc. Many of us braved the tough challenges thrown by these activities. We had a nice lunch and enjoyed a game of poker in between.

We also went for a game of ice hockey and bowling alley after that.

So I think its high time we change the image that we have in our minds about a startup.

till then happy searching.


    1. Apoorva February 8, 2008

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