Diwali at iXiGO

Diwali was celebrated with lots of fun and enjoyment at iXiGO this week. Our office was tastefully decorated with lights, flowers and colors. All the team members came in traditional dresses (except few who are going to compensate by giving a treat 🙂 ). We organized a Diwali special game called Diwali Pataka where everybody had to give a gift to an iXiGem buddy (selected through a lottery) and other one had to guess it. It was a great one. Everybody enjoyed a nice south indian lunch with little baby Anoushka (Aloke’s niece) ! Yum .. thank you Goverdhan (our favourite restaurant in Galleria Market).

A special diwali logo was unveiled for the occasion. Finally, we launched a great new feature that allows comparison of OTAs in new windows, since we believe that is what our users would do anyways.

Happy Diwali to all iXiGOers !